LIVE Streaming on ZoiVideo Event at Pete’s Pool Field House in Enumclaw Washington

We recently LIVE Streamed a local area political event with great success. I had no data on the internet speed, however the quality of the live stream came in at 720HD. The presenters used an in-house mic, and I used the iPhoneX with no other accessories. Stream taken from the back camera.

Join me as I give a quick overview of our newest feature at

In a head to head comparison ZoiVideo seems to function much like Youtube, with the main difference being Youtube allows for at least 1080HD in our test, while ZoiVideo came in by default at 720HD.

The major difference though is in monetization. Youtube will allow monetizing via YouTube ads which you do not control, and for which you get paid a tiny percentage. While ZoiVideo allows their Content Creators to directly monetize their content via Pay-per-view/VOD, Subscriptions (Using their custom branded OTT system), or accept donations all within the platform. Your fees are paid directly to your account each month as your viewers watch.

Tune in later as we show everyone just how easy it is to profit off of the ZoiVideo System.

In the next clip I review LIVE Streaming on the YouTube player.

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