Brand awareness or a high profile is one of the most important tools any business can have at its disposal. You can have the best products in the marketplace or provide the best possible service but you will get nowhere if you have no profile or a weak brand.

Some of the most successful businesses in the world such as Google, Apple and Coca Cola are based around being instantly recognisable. And all the best brands inspire confidence in their customers because they are instantly associated with quality and customers know exactly what it is they are buying into.

Here are some ways that even the smallest firms can create a brand without spending a fortune on advertising.

Find a niche

If you are operating in a crowded market place then it can be a tough call to set yourself apart from the opposition and get your brand noticed. One of the best ways to be different is to find a niche that no one has yet discovered or mastered. If you can establish your firm as the best place to go to in a particular field then you’re always going to be onto a winner. Once you have built a great reputation in a particular field you will find that new business and customers will come looking for you.

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