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Is Smaller Actually Better…?

Small Agencies Crush Big Ones: It's Not Even Close They Have the Flexibility and Culture to Adapt in a Rapidly Shifting Industry By Jeff Rosenblum. Published on November 28, 2012. After 20 years in the advertising industry, there's one thing I can say with great...

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WordPress Website Conversions

Lately we have had a good bit of website work taking older websites and converting them to the Wordpress platform. This is essentially taking your old website and copying and pasting existing images and text content into a new database-driven website system. Our...

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New Barbie Doll – Beware?

Hello BarbieTM! is an IoT-enabled (Internet of Things) Barbie Doll with blonde hair, blue eyes and a built-in surveillance system. She’s not the first of her kind (and she won’t be the last), but here’s what you should know about bringing it, or any connected device,...

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