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Consider a Brand Review

We are a visually-driven culture. Your visual marketing speaks constantly, articulating feelings and emotions that drive tangible outcomes, a well-crafted visual can make ALL the difference. Your corporate brand is your most recognizable public feature, something that sets your company apart from the millions of others, a well-conceived and executed brand speaks volumes about you—what is yours saying?


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VisualStudio’s “Stuff We Love”, Amazon® Amazing Finds

Highly Recommended Video, Tech, & More…

Apple Laptop for Video Editing and Graphics

We have a love / hate relationship with Apple, we dislike the politics that Apple promotes BUT the system is unbeatable for inherent security and platform stability and ease of use. We are designers and not computer geeks so the PC is just too difficult for our team.

iPhone 12 – an Absolute Killer Video Camera!

You can spend many thousands of dollars on various aspects and accesories for video production, from lighting to sound/microphones, to stabilizng tools, but its getting difficult to top a standard iPhone! The latest version is off the chart for video production for...

Black India Ink – Best for Illustration

FW Acrylic Ink is the culmination of literally years of testing various inks for use in technical pens and pen and ink illustrations. FW is a superior ink with awesome opacity which won't dry out your tech pens, lasts longer in traditional nib pens, and has amazing...

An Amazing TV

THE LG OLED TV is an incredible example of the latest technology in Smart TV’s, always one of the best in terms of color and clarity along with dynamite refresh rate and overall performance. Click to TV pic above to see latest price at Amazon!

Excellent Web Cam

Click the Image above to preview this web cam available on Amazon, the price should be around $30-at the time of this posting, it will give your new livestreaming efforts much greater impact, ease of use, and low cost.