Web Development

We specialize in small business web development, if you’re in need of a website we can complete most projects within a week to one month at very competitive rates.

ZEA Spirits hired us to partner with them in naming, product package design, consulting and web development for their groundbreaking corn-based vodka, which focuses on working with sustainable sourcing methods and the small farms in the central Mexican Tlaxcala Valley near Peubla, Mexico.

We arrived at an incredible name, ZEA – based upon the original latin name of the grass which has become our modern day corn. ZEA uses corn for all of their family of spirits. The name held special significance since we were also able to secure all of the related domains very easily. 

Our team worked with global partners to craft the entire brand and product offering, which is set to reach market this year (2024).

The Mint came to us with a site already developed, including hosting and wordpress installation, however they couldn’t get things just right…

So we updated the theme to DIVI by Elegant Themes template, revised a few key graphics and added some new content and launched it!

We have been managing their website ever since!

We provide design services for their menus as well.

Matt Beckman came to us with a specific idea in mind on his website design. We compiled all of the details and crafted a site built on the WordPress Elegant Themes DIVI theme template. Adding some custom CSS for the vertical logo, and the side panel burger menu display. 

We did some work to improve the simplicity, and readability of the logo identity which he had secured from an online vendor.

Marco and Taylor from Peyton Enterprises contacted us to provide a scalable solution for selling boutique travel experiences. Beginning with locations in central Mexico we provided consulting for naming, brand design, and overall website development.

The site is hosted on a VPS, uses a global CDN, and provides video streaming of the related experiences. We are in the process of adding e-commerce to build engagement.


We actually approached our long-time Brand & Web Dev clients, husband and wife attorney dream team, Cindy Johnson & Peter Acebedo and presented an update to their website which we had designed originally back in 2010.

Our recommended update included a VPS hosted wordpres-driven site, using the powerful CDN technology which we had perfected. The design was built upon a Salient Theme template, boasting a few key CCS additions. We used Cindy’s beautiful photography as well as some stock images in key places to fill in where needed.

How We Work

We take it to the next level with dynamic and creative custom-coded, or template-based web solutions that are tailored to your businesses’ unique requirements and goals.

We Listen…

We’ll review your needs and define goals and then work within your specific budget to meet and exceed expectations with eye-catching designs, exquisitely-crafted content and effective functionalities.

Whether it’s a large corporate intranet or a small mom-n-pop e-commerce offering, our committment is to your success.


Website development is a difficult service to price accurately. Which is how you can come up with a massive scale of website proposals from $600.00 to hundreds of thousands of dollars! Famously the US Government in 2014 had paid $1,700,000,000.00 for the ObamaCare Website.

Technically we can get a site online for you in a week and at approximately $2000.00 US.

However, where the rub lies, is in the content creation, most often companies have little or no content that has been strategically created. When we ad content development including brainstorming overall marketing strategy, possible media creation like photos and video production, you’re beginning to grow the overall scope and budget.

We shine at providing stellar options for content creation, from handling it in-house to securing fortune 500 level assistance in things like copywriting, specialty digital functionality, and comprehensive intergration with services like content management systems, e-commerce, and military-grade secure file storage options.

Your website is most often your first impression to your potential client, make it memorable in a good way with VisualStudio.tv.

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