The web hosting world is filled with many options. While the services and fees vary greatly our research has indicated that they are not all created equal. There are only a few “mega providers” that resell the services to the smaller Domain and Hosting providers who, in turn sell it to the broader market adding fees here and there for reasonable and oftentimes unreasonable services. At we have chosen to re-sell’s premier web services. But because we also service many clients who have either come to us with their sites already hosted or prefer other site hosting services we often work with other providers. Over the years our travels have led us through some very serious issues regarding our clients who were victims of “malicious code attacks” or “Web Hacks”. Our clients had to hire us to “fix” their sites again and some came to us mid-crisis without adequate site file backups. They spent money that could have been saved had they been hosted with more reputable hosting companies.

You’re Safe With Us

With’s “SiteRestore” we have you covered, we will reinstall your site files and recreate the hosting account in the worst cases all at no additional costs to you. We found that a few hosting providers also offer this service included within their hosting fees, but you had to have a minor degree in “IT” in order to navigate their control panel. Seeing this need we launched “Site Restore”, a service meant to cover the possibility of lost or corrupted files whether from system failure or malicious attacks. We decided to offer this service within our hosting plans giving our clients more peace of mind and real world security.

I don’t have any problem with people trying to make a buck as long as the market will bear it, long live the free market etc etc, however when I see price gouging for standard included services at most hosting companies I am amazed.

We have found that the service provided can vary greatly though – along with what features are included and what are additional. Recently one of our clients had us design a website that used a certain web host which will remain nameless other than to say their name rhymes with “patchwork collusions”, we found that when we tried to forward their domain they had to purchase an annual “domain forwarding” service for $10.99/year! They also wanted to set their domain to “alert” them when it was about to expire and for this they charged another $10/year! This sort of nickel and diming should not be tolerated.

We have chosen to include a service that our clients may actually find value in if the unthinkable occurs. SiteRestore allows them to sleep at night with the confidence that in the event of a malicious hack or other data loss we will retrieve the archived data and reinstall it as quick as possible, typically within a few hours to a few days depending upon the site’s data. This service can conceivably save someone many thousands of dollars in restoration fees.

Contact us today to discuss our services and how we may be able to assist you in your web needs.

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