“Eighteen-to-thirty-year-olds are spending 74% more time watching YouTube on their smartphones than they did last year. Yet only 25% of email marketers are using video in email to increase engagement and improve marketing results.”

This stat taken recently from my trade pub: “Website Magazine”, simply confirms what we all do already. Watch videos online!

While at a recent networking event I presented the concept of having a video produced for business promotion and I received a huge response, second only to our SEO presentation. Video is a powerful communication tool with incredible potential for ancillary sharing or free, viral exposure. What we also found was that with the huge rise in online video the production level does not necessarily require huge budgetting. Amazingly some of the most raw footage seems to have the greatest impact.

Web viewers want “real” life, hence the myriad web-reviews and all new tech position known as something like “Online Reputation Manager”. While business principals and sales guys want their product or service to be shown in the best possible light the general public wants the gritty truth about the product or service.

One of the best example of this sort of video marketing gone viral, simply, but elegantly produced is the new promo for “DollarShaveClub.com”…notice the witty, scripted shooting contrasted with “use it as is” production.


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