We Recommend ZoiVideo.com

At VisualStudio.tv we utilize a new video streaming service called ZoiVideo.com, its a high powered solution for global streaming which uses CDN and Apple’s proprietary video encoding to power up to 4k video experiences.

We love them for the ability to maintain creative ownership of our video assets, so in comparison to other streaming services that may be free to use, you must release your content to them once you upload it. The other thing that no one really ever reads is that when you upload your content you literally are releasing full ownership to the streaming provider. ZoiVideo does not do this.


ZoiStream+ – for large-scale users

Zoi.tv is the public testing OTT for small-time users or those who want to try the system out first. Alternatively ZoiStream+ works for large scale users in their expanded service offering premium features, such as branded OTT, subscriber payment processing, and easy backend/dashboard interface included within the account. Their primary feature is their branded OTT (Over The Top TV) your own branded video channel, sort of a private Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Disney Plus, where you can sell your videos in a rental or pay-per-view format, receive donations, or by paid subscriptions.

You make 100% (minus any transaction fees charged by the payment processor selected) of whatever you charge and only ever pay Zoi.tv’s current reasonable rates for file storage and bandwidth used on a monthly basis, there is also a one-time setup fee.

Zoi.tv – is the ZoiVideo testing site and public OTT for small-scale or non-tech savvy users.

For smaller video producers who still want to charge for their work, they offer something called Zoi.tv, which is a public OTT, where your video can appear in the public channel for viewing, (you can also set it to private).

Here you can set your video to be viewed for free, or set rental fees and make the same 100% less any payment processing charges. All you need to do is pay the reasonable monthly bandwidth and file storage fees.

Obviously the service is NOT Free, like YouTube or Vimeo, but is meant for folks who want to charge fees for video and make 100% of what they are charging, or are concerned about potential censorship, or retaining complete ownership over their content.

We have found the ideal way to utilize your Zoi account is to continue to promote your free content through youtube or vimeo etc, gaining tremendous exposure and taking advantage of their advertising, and then monetize your content using Zoi.tv.

You can learn more about their service by visiting their website here: www.zoivideo.com

Or click the button below to sign up to try it free!

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