Many people ask me what I do and, to my surprise, a lot of them have no idea. This is totally my fault for not being more proactive about explaining my services. I admit that I have a difficult time with that. I think the bible puts it clearly, “let another praise you and not your own mouth”. However there is a legitimate need for me to communicate to my friends and associates what I can do for them!

What I do is to take marketing ideas and make them a reality through the use of various computer applications and production techniques.

Translated; I make things that help sell stuff!

Now I do this many ways, whether it’s a start up company looking for a Logo design, or an established company needing help with better advertising layouts for their trade pubs, or even a complicated web application to handle payment processes for a wealth management company, I can provide assistance in all of these areas and much more. So if you know of anyone looking for any of the following services please don’t hesitate to contact me!

• Logo and Brand Mark design.

• Package Design.

• Advertising layouts.

• Brochure Design.

• Sign Design including monuments, vehicle graphics and billboards.

• Web development including custom WordPress, Custom CMS, & HTML5.

• Search Engine Marketing and Optimization Services to get websites found online.

• Video production.

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